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Where can I buy Vogel’s food?

Product ranges within individual stores vary. As a result we can only tell you which store chains stock our food and not the location of the indivdual stores themselves.

You’ll find us in most Coles and Woolworths. We’re also sold in some IGA’s, Franklins and other smaller shops.

If you’d like to get Vogel’s food but can’t find it at your local supermarket you can make an enquiry at the customer service desk to see if they’ll stock it for you.

How can I get in contact with Vogel’s?

Click here for all the ways that you can contact us.

Can I purchase Vogel’s food directly and/or at wholesale prices?

Unfortunately not. The supermarket is the best place to buy our food.

I want to sell Vogel’s food. How do I go about it?

That’s great news. Click here to get our details.

I’ve got this idea…

We’d love to hear it! Click here to get our details.