Seasonal Combinations

Autumn Dessert

This month we’re going to tell you how to enhance a delectable after dinner treat with some powerful ingredients from nature – Rhubarb and Chestnuts. You might not know this but many background extras on the set of Hollywood movies say the word “rhubarb” to make it look as if they’re talking. At Vogel’s on the other hand, we think Rhubarb is worth talking about anyway. With a long thin stalk and a purplish flesh, Rhubarb is high in calcium and contains moderate amounts of iron and fibre. It tastes good too.

Chestnuts are another typical autumn-winter flavour. Just crack open the shell to reveal the tasty white contents within. Try them in a puree instead of oats and flour for a delectable Rhubarb crumble. You won’t be disappointed.

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