At Vogel’s, our philosophy is simple - we believe that living in harmony with nature provides the best quality of life you can possibly enjoy. In order to help people live a more natural lifestyle, we follow three guiding principles in all that we do.

We take a holistic approach

Just like Alfred Vogel himself, we feel that everything in the world is connected. Thinking about and creating food holistically to us means paying attention to not only nutrients but also the relationships nutrients have with each other along with their full context in whole foods and within meals. But it goes beyond food. We feel that you cannot possibly live at your best by just focusing on what you eat; you also have to consider exercise and lifestyle. You have to be aware of your relationships with other people and the environment. No one part of your life is mutually exclusive of another, they all affect each other in different ways. To be at your best you need to consider these effects. This is what we mean when we say we take a holistic approach.

We pride ourselves on being pioneers

Alfred Vogel was a natural health pioneer. Much of his work over the 20th century is still relevant today. Whether it’s using new ingredients, incorporating cutting edge nutrition or just doing things differently, at Vogel’s we’re inspired by Alfred’s work and strive to carry it forward. We act with the belief that to live in harmony with nature, you really need to do things differently

We want to share

One of the central tenets of Alfred Vogel’s life was to improve the wellbeing of other people. We try to emulate his sharing of knowledge and experience in our food, our communications and our relationships. We want to share with everyone our knowledge in natural health so that everyone else can experience the joy that is inherent in such a lifestyle.